Whistling in the Wind



What once was

Is not



The war

To try

And regain



Is just a whistle

In the wind

And yet we still cup

Palms around

The flame of


This is offered for Robert Brewer’s Poem a Day, to write about resistance, and Poetry Jam poetry jaam.blogspot.com where Alan asked us to write about flame.  Still struggling with the harsh reality of my parents aging, the new need is meals delivered.  My mom does for a CT scan tomorrow for dementia.  It seems like the hits keep on coming, yet we hang onto hope that things will get better…wishing all good things to you.


7 thoughts on “Whistling in the Wind

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  2. “What once was / Is not / Any / More”…the most painful phase of life we’ve to go through but there’s that flame of hope that keeps us giving strength…nice take on the prompt…


  3. That flame of hope can be comforting even when we know what the future holds. Both my parents were scientists and worked in the academic world and indeed I have seen so many brilliant stars fade and finally wink out. A difficult thing to see.


  4. Love the images of a whistle in the wind and cupped hands round a flame. It’s a struggle to find beauty in harsh realities, but always worth the effort, giving an extra dose of inner strength.


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