A Beaked Battalion

A division of white plumed dowitchers
March in time to the pulse of subterranean
Stabbing the soil with scythe beak swords
They secure a squirming victory
Then squabble over who shall eat
The spoils

This is offered for Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, open link night–I finally made it over there!  A bit of wordplay for the white ibis that frequent our lawns and delight me every morning walk.


8 thoughts on “A Beaked Battalion

    • Perhaps. I was going to leave that line out, but the poem seemed incomplete. Also, when they are foraging, they are quite scrappy– squawking, bumping into each other and then chasing each other to share whatever morsel was captured. Beautiful and comical.


  1. I appreciate the intensity of your imagery, perhaps because my garden is also frequented by ibises. They are quite forceful birds, harsh cry, stabbing beaks. They don’t scare easily. I admire that in them.


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