Body of Evidence

Time does not believe
In beauty or
Make no bones about
In the end
We are only
Spirit and skin
Quit sucking
Your belly
Be momentous
Live in the light
Fate waits
To tip
Our toes
Into night
Where we’re
Left to waltz
On our imagination’s
Dance floor

This is offered for Poetry Pantry at–this week my mom fell and fractured her thigh bone, and while I was waiting to board a plane to see her, my husband texted me that he was at the hospital. His father had a stroke, and couldn’t speak. You never know what curves in the road are coming. And it makes me realize how much we have to enjoy the moment.


38 thoughts on “Body of Evidence

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mom, it seems to be this time of life…I have several friends going through the same thing with their parents. Thank you for stopping by and sharing


  1. I was so loving this poem, especially the lines “In the end we are only spirit and skin”……and “Bounce. Be momentous”. (That is like SAARK!) and then I read your note about your mother and your husband’s father. Yes, in just such a split second, the world changes for all concerned. So we must all Be Momentous while we can. Loved this! So nice to see you in the Pantry!


  2. Wonderful title and amazing poem. All evidence says:
    Be momentous
    Live in the light”
    Imagination is helped by the memories of living large. My grandmother told me the same, but not so full of poetry.
    I hope your family heals and brings you and your love together again soon.


  3. Everything is smooth sailing then along comes an iceberg. How important it is to live our lives to the full, tell those we love that we do, and cherish every precious moment.


  4. We need to not only make the most of each moment, but to let people know we love them. My best wishes to you and your husband during this trying time and that healing soon comes to those you love.


  5. It’s incredible that you could write something so wise and lovely while undergoing such stress. But, you write the truth, that I wish I could see when life turns in a curve I dislike. I hope your mother and father-in-law recover well. Best wishes to you, your husband and the whole family.


    • Thank you so much. I could only write this because I was on an airplane flying home from my parents and had the time to think and rewrite. Otherwise I have been too busy for my Poetry, and I miss it, it is a great escape. Things are better now, best wishes to you and your family too.


  6. def. we should live in the moment and – carpe diem – we never know anyway what life has in store behind the next turn
    sorry for your mom and FIL – hope they both heal up quickly


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