Sky Scattered

She is clouds
Scattered across the
Breathing night
Shifting from white
To grey to
And without notice
Releases tears
So hot
They scorch the
Plants they
To save

This is offered for Poetry Pantry at Poets United,–my mother-in-law passed away, (it’s okay, it was time, but still sad), my father-in -law had another stroke and a heart attack, he is recovering–however, I woke up with this fully formed poem in my mind.  Went to bed thinking of how scattered/fragmented we feel in these situations.  All the best to everyone.


14 thoughts on “Sky Scattered

  1. What a strong poem you have written. To scorch the plants that the rain wanted to save…so very sad.
    This might be a metaphor for life sometimes. Sometimes what is meant to help ends up hurting someone more.

    (You mentioned that you can’t comment with your WP blog name on mine, that you must use your blogger sign in. Truly I do that regularly. For WP blogs I use a WP sign in and for Blogger blogs the blogger sign in. It is just that my gravitar for both looks the same.. I think this is, unfortunately, the usual.)


    • Hi Mary, Yes it has been a metaphor for life lately. The helplessness of it all when dealing with aging parents. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one having commenting problems. I tried to goggle it and got into all kinds of coding solutions that I didn’t understand.. Thank you for the visit and words of encouragement.


  2. “She is clouds scattered across the sky….” What a beautiful way to picture her………… sorry for the loss and for all your family is going through. You have written a beautiful poem – I am in awe that you woke up with it fully formed. It has been a long time since that happened to me.Smiles.


  3. My condolences. I understand the mix of feelings and anxieties that accompany illness and death of our aged loved ones. All of mine have passed except my mother-in-law who is 95.
    It’s nice that your grief demonstrates itself in such lovely poetry. Your porm is full of feeling and meaning. Take care.


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