Four Hundred Square Miles of Hope

Ships and subs believe they traverse silently

However, Humpback whales would disagree

Whale and Dolphin songs interrupted and overwritten

By mechanical pings, clicks whirs and roars

Dry land feels much the same

Constant clamor of bad news, bad choices, bad attitude

Senses overwhelmed, everything seems senseless

We sail aimlessly, until we hit a patch of ocean

Where monitors, microphones, mouths

Are silenced

Sun rays spear through the crystal blue

The President increased the

Pacific Remote Island National Marine Monument

By four hundred thousand square miles

Hope rises to the surface

And Humpback whales songs

Echo, uninterrupted

This poem is offered for Poetry Pantry at Poets United, a little hope.  Obamacame recently increased an existing oceanic national monument by 400,000 square miles. What a hopeful gift for the future! If you want to read more here is the link


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