Give me a hydrogen

Oh, make it two

And then 

Let’s grab an oxygen too

Now we’re really onto something

Big, I bet

Except my friend keeps telling me

I’m all wet

This is offered for prompt #4 at Poetic Asides “Use an element from the periodic table”  


Four feet of love

Plush pet soft and warm

She melts into my arms 

Filling my heart with


This is offered for Poetic Asides day three prompt, (Blank) of love.  Our little white fluffy rescue dog, Lucy. Just picking her up makes you smile. 

Knot today

A bowline, clove hitch

Figure eight

Sheet bend

Cleat hitch, 

And the square

You have to know

Not only


But where

This is offered for Poetic Asides poem a day #2 the prompt is “Not Today” I’ve been trying to learn these boating knots lately… 

The day I forgot how to dance

The beat came

Then went

While my feet


Like my heart 

Too heavy to be lifted

Every song had

No rhyme or melody 

And my soul

Tasted gray

The day

I forgot


To dance
This is offered for day 2 of Poetic Asides at Writer’s Digest, the prompt to write a “Not Today” poem.  I actually wrote this after my dad passed away over a year ago.  


Hey Big Blue

I miss you


Living salt free

Does not

(bathing) suit me

My soul

Needs to


A float

Swaying with

Changeable currents

Not giving in

To gravity

Earth saturated


Submerge me

So I can

Soak and fill

Those sad spaces

Slosh out

This silty sit still


Take me

Make me


In your liquidity

This is offered for the Poem A Day challenge at Poetic Asides, writer’s digest. Day one prompt to reminisce. Thinking about summer in the sea.

Four Hundred Square Miles of Hope

Ships and subs believe they traverse silently

However, Humpback whales would disagree

Whale and Dolphin songs interrupted and overwritten

By mechanical pings, clicks whirs and roars

Dry land feels much the same

Constant clamor of bad news, bad choices, bad attitude

Senses overwhelmed, everything seems senseless

We sail aimlessly, until we hit a patch of ocean

Where monitors, microphones, mouths

Are silenced

Sun rays spear through the crystal blue

The President increased the

Pacific Remote Island National Marine Monument

By four hundred thousand square miles

Hope rises to the surface

And Humpback whales songs

Echo, uninterrupted

This poem is offered for Poetry Pantry at Poets United poetryblogroll.blogspot.com, a little hope.  Obamacame recently increased an existing oceanic national monument by 400,000 square miles. What a hopeful gift for the future! If you want to read more here is the link http://www.pewtrusts.org/en/research-and-analysis/analysis/2016/08/31/extraordinary-facts-about-the-worlds-largest-protected-area